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quarta-feira, 20 de agosto de 2008

To The Rest of The World

I´m here, down under, in a place called Latin America.

You´ve probably heard about it before but never gave a damn...Who cares about Latin America ?

I don´t blame you. No way. It´s not your fault.
Sometimes, I feel like if it was a so, so far kingdom lost in another planet, an irrelevant land in front of the rest of the world´s eyes.
Latin America is a kind of "world suburb" and it doesn´t mean "a great place to live". Not at all.
Anyway, where´s a great place to live in our planet ?

Look around: everybody gots problems, every nation gots problems, the planet gots problems and it´s not different here in Latin America.

You may say we live far from the centre of the world and I wonder if isn´t it good to be far somehow ? - We are like children playing in a garden. We don´t have to worry about anything because the adults of the centre of the world will take care of everything, finding solutions to our problems.

Suddenly, our lost and forgotten paradise has become the central focus: we have minerals, gas, oil, forests, food, water, sun, beaches...

Oh no !! - The rest of the world has discovered our so, so far kingdom, the hidden kingdom they´ve always tried to keep apart and so, so far from them.

Now, the rest of the world wants to take a piece of that .

Peace !
Leave us alone ! - Let us live in our garden. Leave Latin America alone as you have always done.

We were quiet and surviving, never complained about our situation because we are used to live alone down here.
So, it´s our time to say we don´t give a damn to the rest of the world !
...and stay so, so far from us !

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Mits disse...

Hi, the picture is sawing us,it is a unity of a country.